Queues - Delaying Pause

FreePBX/Asterisk 14

I would like the ability to pause an agent without having to put the current caller on hold.

You can do this with the phone apps on Sangoma phones, but once I select pause for the agent, the active queue call that agent is on will drop a few seconds later.

I am making a new db keypair that will show each extension as 1 or null. If the extension is 1, that means they are pending needing a pause. If null, no special action (pause) is needed.

Is there an on-hook or after queue call macro or something that I can plug my dialplan into? Basically once the call hangs up, it would trigger to look at the DB table. If the DB result was 1, pause the agent, if not, follow the normal workflow.

Thanks all!

If it needs to be done via the phone keypad you will have to make an InCall Feature Code for it so they can dial the digits while on the call and the system will process them in your dialplan and you can use proper functions to pause the agent.

What are you trying to do with this that the Wrap Up Timer cant do?

I just tested this with a Sangoma S305 phone. Toggling pause with either the Queues App or the Queue Agent App, and nothing I do will cause the active call to drop, nor would I expect it to.

Calls are back to back, agents need a way to pause without having to put the caller on hold. Adding x seconds after call is not a viable option due to the waste (productive seconds) it generates over the course of a day.

This is functionality we have on our Avaya side (pre queuing an agent state, seamless to the party on the other line.) that I am trying to replicate.

I’ll runt my test again and capture the log, it was happening very consistently on our S500s (x seconds after the pause button is pressed in the phone app, the call drops).

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