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Is there a way where I can change the announcing style of the periodic announcing style for the queues?
For example: not “You are in the list on number 5”, but “You are 5th in line” instead.

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After taking a close look at the files played when it says it, it says it in the correct way if customized like this:

  1. queue-thereare - “There are…”
  2. digits/# “# - 1” - (e.g. if the file being played is “3”, say “2”)
  3. queue-callswating - “… callers waiting before you”
  4. queue-thankyou - “Thanks for your patience”

(above is the best translation of the usual announcing style heard in the Netherlands I could do)

This is encoded in the source code of the Asterisk queue.

Most of the queue processing is done with contexts in the extensions_additional.conf file (IIRC, I don’t have access to my PBX right now). You should be able to find the current announcements in there and see what the system is doing to make your audio stream. If that’s the case, you can use the extensions_freepbx_override.conf (I think, again, no access) file and change the nature of the context where your announcement is created.

Possibly a better direction would be to construct your own ‘language’ for strangely idiomatic use, “nl-custom” for example, there you can record your own recordings and even say ordinal numeric words where cardinal numeric words are natural in english (and vice versa) this language could be called only for conferences if so desired and also largely originally inherited from your ‘Dutch’ language

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