Queues bugs (Ring Strategy="linear" and Skip Busy Agents ="Yes + ringinuse=no"

When I set my Queues to Ring Strategy = “linear”, they no longer do so, but instead keep trying the same agent until the max time runs out using the agent timeout interval. This was not the case before I added about a dozen new queues. Using the linear strategy was why I rebuilt my previous FreePBX installation to Asterisk 1.6 which I determined to do after participating in another post at http://www.freepbx.org/forum/freepbx/users/queues-with-static-agent-and-linear-ring-strategy

I am currently running:

  • Running Asterisk Version : Asterisk
  • Asterisk Source Version :
  • Dahdi Source Version : 2.2.1+2.2.1
  • Libpri Source Version :
  • Addons Source Version :
  • FreePBX Version :

Additionally another function that I just started using, which is Skip Busy Agents =“Yes + ringinuse=no”, seems to tie up the agent even after they transfer a caller to a destination. The destination every time, in this case is a conference room.

the agent will be tied up because the agent is a “Local Channel” and as such, the call transfer still sees the agent as inuse.

There are some abilities in 2.8 that may help rectify this problem (or simply don’t use the ringinuse setting).

Do you think its safe to upgrade to 2.8 at this point (being a release candidate status) or should I wait for final? This is a production system.

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there are 2500 systems (as of right now) that show on 2.8.

It’ll probably be released as final very soon.

Beyond that, it’s not really my place to say whether you should upgrade or not. It’s very stable but that never guarantees that some change won’t effect your specific system…

I upgraded to 2.8

I was able to get linear ring strategy working again. The problem was that any higher penalties applied to agents will not be part of the linear progression. All agents must have the same penalty in order to be included. This was not the case before, but perhaps an update to the Queues module sometime back in the 2.7 version history implemented this.

I cannot use the Skip Busy Agents =“Yes + ringinuse=no” function because unfortunately all my queue agents are not sip phones but rather are external numbers.

The “follow me” in 2.8 no longer works for my queue agents because if their sip extensions are not “online”, which none of them typically are because they forget to use their softphones and I cannot afford to buy them all sip phones yet, then the extension will no longer be dialed from the queue. Instead I have to use their external number as the static agent. This was not the case in 2.7, in which you could have an offline sip extension and still access their follow me configuration from the queue. i.e. as a static agent using “ext#,0”

concerning the linear ring strategy and penalties, none of that has changed and it is all Asterisk behavior. It has always been that way with penalties.

As far as the follow-me not working, file a bug on that. The changes that were implemented obviously get in the way of your using the follow-me so there needs to be a way to not have it do the device association if you choose.

We obviously overlooked that scenario when trying to improve the ‘95%’ situation.

Added #4408 to look into the issue of offline sip extensions.

Thank you.

Regarding Linear Strategy, I can confirm that 2.6 and part of 2.7 worked with a queue like:


If it was a bug that it worked that way, that makes sense, but perhaps it should be better documented to inform everyone that…

“Linear: rings agents in the order specified , for dynamic agents in the order they logged in. All agents must have the same, lowest penalty value. i.e.

Because that seems to be the case.

The linear strategy has not changed.

If any agent within the lowest penalty range is available then it will never try the higher penalties. That has always been the case.

It is possible that the current change in how the agent is detected because of the SIP state information vs. the Local/exten state may have changed the dynamics of how the queue is interpreting the availability of the agent.

Beyond that, any other difference in behavior with linear strategy would be a result of Asterisk since we are doing nothing more then setting that strategy for app_queue.

Ticket #4408 does not exist.

Looks like there’s a bug in the drupal filter we wrote. If you type ticket 4408 or #4408 it happily and automatically makes it into a link.

If you type ticket #4408 apparently it adds the ‘#’ into the link which makes it upset :frowning:

I’ve updated my post above, but you can click here to get to it …

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I’ve implemented a fix for this, you can see in #4408

Pleaes update the ticket with feedback if this works and is not causing issues in 2.8 (or 2.9).

I am waiting on publishing it in 2.8 until some testing can be done, but is has been checked in and the functions.inc.php from 2.8 could be pulled to check it.