Queues broken

After updating modules yesterday to the latest including Queues my system that has been running fine for a year is not working right. Specifically, the queues seem to put an extension into DND status after taking a call. I have eight extension configured as permanent que memebers. Extension 206 takes a call. Ext 206 finishes the call and hangs up. At this point the callers in the que should start ringing extension 206 along with the other que members, but it does not happen. At this point I do not know how long it takes for an extension to reenter the que. It will be tomorrow morning before I can determine that.

However on another system that I also upgraded yesterday, I have a similar problem. Here I have two extensions in a que (ext 101 & 102). Before upgrading, I would get call waiting indication on the ext 101 phone when a caller entered the que. After the upgrade, this no longer happens.

When I setup the repeat option for Announcements the system fails to transfer the call acordingly after the message is plaied. If I remove the repeat option it transfers the call fine. Any suggestion?