Queuemetrics transferred calls

Hi, I use QM on Freepbx 13 with asterisk 13. I’m checking reports and noticed that transfer calls aren’t shown on the dashboard. That menu counts calls which are delivered to extension from the queue, that’s all, but I want to see transferred calls as it is in the manual. What can I check?

The problem is that asterisk, not logs transferred calls in queue log but I don’t know why.

I use another stats app. What Ive been told is that they can only log the calls transfered using asterism transfer like ## for blind or *2 for assisted. If thats the case for you as well. Some models like grandstream will let you remap the transfer to ## DTMF etc. So it uses built in asterisk method. In fact in some calls centers you hear that beep beep before the transfer and maybe that’s why.

I know, I use built-in feature codes (##, *2) too but the problem is the same.

There may be someone here who can help, but detailed questions on QM would best be dealt with by them.

Maybe, so I asked the same question on their forum. :slight_smile: But if asterisk not logs smthing it’s asterisk issue not QM’s I think.

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