QueueMetrics call center software version 17.06 released

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The Loway team is pleased to announce the release of QueueMetrics 17.06

Release 17.06 introduces major new features and represents a significant evolution of the way call center professionals interact with the software suite on a daily basis.

There have been also over 70 bugs fixed and minor features changed since version 16.09.

New features include a Wallboard editor that let users create personalized and customizable wallboards to get a clean, real time overview of the state of the call center and a DirectAMI mode that makes the interaction with the contact center PBX quicker and snappier, without editing any dial-plan code.

The new Synchronizer makes it easier than ever to keep QueueMetrics instance in sync with the PBX and agents can use their e-mail to log in.

Configuration editors are now richer and easier to use and fully localized and some new reports “counting calls by skills” and “talk time per hour” are available to supervisors.

Release 17.06 fully supports Asterisk® 13 and 14, as well as any older version, and - as a FreePBX® Certified EcoSystem partner - works fine with FreePBX®.

Check the release notes at QueueMetrics What’s New