QueueMetrics 24.05 released today

The Loway team is glad to announce the release of QueueMetrics 24.05.

This version includes:

  • Improved outbound, including the brand-new AMO dialing mode and Recall Memos
  • A more reliable WebRTC soft-phone
  • Improvements to reports and filters
  • Import and export of reports and wallboards
  • A new installer for Uniloader to address one’s favourite distro’s migration to Debian :wink:

QueueMetrics 24.05 can now be readily accessed through various means: an RPM package for CentOS 7, CentOS 8, Rocky 8, and Rocky 9 based distributions; an ebuild for Gentoo; a Docker image available on DockerHub; and a TGZ file designed for manual installation on any operating system running the Java platform. Notably, QueueMetrics supports 23 distinct languages/locales.

Release Notes for QueueMetrics 24.05

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Are we going to have an express queuemetrics for debian or .deb packages?

No - our approach is to install just Uniloader on the PBX itself (and that requires no native package) and then to use a separate VM and/or Docker image for QM itself. In general, given the cost of a separate VM, we deprecate having everything on the same server.

See Base operating systems supported by Loway products: a perspective for the future | QueueMetrics Blog for a more detailed description, but you get the idea.

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If anyone is interested, we have an introductory video to the new outbound features here:

We had some networking issues so the frame rate is somehow chunky at times… but it should be viewable anyway.

With this new feature, will WombatDialer be discontinued?

No - AMO and Memos it aims to make it easier to manage outbound on a small(ish) scale, or when you cannot by law have a dialer involved. They basically replace post-its and shared Google Sheets to determine who to call and when.

WombatDialer works when you need to have “real” dialer features, in fact we improved its integration with QAP so you can choose what is right for you. E.g. you can create a Memo with one click from a call you are handling, but you can just as easily schedule it in Wombat with a single click.

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