Queue with Ring Group not hanging up?

So here’s the deal… I have a queue (3441) that has one agent in it, which is a ring group (1700#). The ring group has one extension in it (700). The purpose of the ring group is to provide an an announcement to the extension when they pick up the incoming call (in order to let them know how to answer the call). All works well… except…

Every few days, a call seems to get stuck. I discover this because the server has stopped processing new calls. I log in to the dashboard and find around 3-5 active calls. For example, today, core show channels verbose shows:

Channel              Context              Extension        Prio State   Application  Data                      CallerID        Duration Accountcode PeerAccount BridgeID 
SIP/viopms-000001ea  ext-queues           3441               50 Up      Queue        3441,tr,,,25,,,,,         301791xxxx      00:29:37                                             
SIP/net2phone-out-00 from-trunk-sip-net2p                     1 Up      AppDial      (Outgoing Line)           888511xxxx      00:38:39                                             
PJSIP/103-0000030c   crm-hangup           s                   3 Up      ExecIf       0?Set(__CRM_VOICEMAIL=)   717762xxxx      00:38:40                                             
Local/[email protected] from-queue           1700                1 Down    AppQueue     (Outgoing Line)           240641xxxx      00:29:36                                             
Local/[email protected] macro-dial           s                   7 Ring    AGI          dialparties.agi           301791xxxx      00:29:36

Now, the interesting part to me is that voip.ms shows that the call from 301791xxxx only lasted for 51 seconds. Asterisk seems to show it still going after almost half an hour. It’s always this way when Asterisk stops accepting new calls – I find a call (or two) stuck in there sometimes for hours longer than they should be. I’m happy to provide some logs if useful. Just let me know where to look. :wink: I don’t think it’s as simple as detected the hangup from voip.ms as the only calls that get “stuck” seem to be the ones related to the my queue/ring group… maybe there’s a better way to handle that? Thanks for any suggestions!

Why do you need a ring group for that? You can use just a queue.

Unless something has changed, I believe that call confirm messages only work for external numbers in a queue and not extensions.

True, but why do you want Call Confirmation? I thought you just want to play an announcement.

Can you elaborate please ?

Is there some other way to play an announcement to an extension when it answers?

Yes, See attached.


Well, isn’t that about 1000% more elegant than the way I was doing it. Hopefully it will solve the problem. Thank you!!

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