Queue with IVR Breakout not working

I have a number or queues setup for the different departments.
They have a welcome announcement welcoming them to that department they saying if you require a different department press 0

I have an IVR breakout containing 0 which takes them back to the main IVR with all the departments.

If my Queue is setup to use music on hold i cannot breakout unless i press 0 while an announcement is being played.

If i change the queue to ringing instead of MOH i can breakout anytime.

This sounds like a bug to me ? or is it suppose to work like this?

I’m using freepbx

still having an issue with this.

Further to the problem, because i now have my queues ringing the caller doesnt get my position anouncements or breakout message.

any suggestions?

Do you have anything in your queues_custom.conf? I saw some issues with the breakout message when I had settings set in queues_custom.conf. After I moved them to queues_post_custom.conf, my breakout message started working.


no i have nothing in any of the custom conf files
thanks for the suggestion though