Queue Wallboard Functionality

We purchased two Call Center Builder Bundle licenses last year on the assumption that we could replace Asternic Call Center Stats (queue reports and real time stats etc.) with a solution built into FreePBX. We were mistaken - no real time functionality is included. Our fault; we didn’t properly study what is actually included and just assumed that a call center bundle would include real time stats (what call center doesn’t need that?).

The good news was that the Queue Wallboard module was on the horizon, so we held onto the Call Center Bundle licenses on the assumption that this new module would surely be included in our call centre license once released, given that it is directly targeted at call centers.

No such luck. It has to be licensed separately at a hefty $345 per server per year on top. Great.

I have looked at the wiki page to see it would meet our needs:

The wiki page is sparse (the screenshot looks like a mockup). Is there any proper documentation for this module? Can it be trialed?

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