Queue Strategy - FewestCalls Continuously rings the same agent when other agents logged in

We’ve been trying to get the ideal setup for a queue strategy where if there are multiple agents logged in, it will first dial the agent with the least amount of calls. However, if that agent does not answer, we would want the call to go to the next available agent. This does not appear to work with the fewestcalls queue strategy because the agent with the fewest amount of calls continues to ring until the failover destination of voicemail picks up.

Our existing configuration for the queue is:

General Queue Options:
Ring Strategy - fewestcalls
skip busy agents - yes
no queue weight

Timing and Agent Options:
Max wait time - 1 minute
Max Wait Time Mode - Strict
Agent Timeout - 10 seconds
Agent timeout restart - no
Retry - 5 seconds

Under these configuration, I would think that the caller would get into queue and it would ring the agent with the fewest amount of calls for 10 seconds, then proceed with the next available agent. Maybe my logic is wrong in this particular queue strategy.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

We have exactly the same requirement and I am scratching my head trying to work out an ideal way to achieve that result. It makes sense to us to have that kind of strategy in place, although we have the agents able to log out, if they forget (and they’re at a different site) nobody then picks up the calls which is bad. I have read about auto pause on the queue agents but again this is not the ideal situation.