Queue Statistics on TV

I have a client who currently has an Avaya phone system. They are looking to replace it with a FreePBX system. The only feature so far I cant replicate that is a deal killer:

Display in large text on TV Screen over looking Call Center:

Current Calls in Queue:
Average Wait Time:
Members Logged In:

Would I use the REST API for this? I cant seem to find anything on the REST API only the Asterisk REST Interface.

Try Queumetrics:

Installing using Espresso
Log in as root on your PBX and issue the following two commands (see below for a list of supported Asterisk distros):

wget -P /etc/yum.repos.d http://yum.loway.ch/loway.repo
yum install queuemetrics-espresso


While it’s good that the FreePBX brand is maintained, it is also important to remember that lots of Asterisk stuff can work fine with the system. Queuemetrics, Chan-SCCP-B, DAHDI, and other “Asterisk level” add-ons all work just fine with Asterisk and FreePBX.

You could also design it to be a webpage that self-refreshed every x seconds. Look at the queues stats from CLI (or elsewhere…), process, display, and repeat (Just like washing your hair, but who repeats???)

if memory serves, the https stuff is would do 60 second refresh…
As for queues, queue show xxx will de tghe trick where xxx is the queue number.

As for AMI, this link may be useful: https://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+Manager+API+Action+QueueSummary

i thought about writing a simple web page to pull the data but I am very good with starting from scratch. I am really good at reverse engineering something that already exists however. lol

There are tons of “Display Call Statistics” packages out there. There was a guy on here last year that basically announced that the package he’d been maintaining was now available for free on SourceForge (as long as he didn’t have to maintain it anymore).

Try @sourceforge asterisk realtime display in Google - the first half dozen hits will give you plenty of stuff to work with.

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Another option free is https://www.asternic.net/docs/installlite.php


From Asternic mentioned​ above, I just rolled out their fop2 wallboard. Fop2 is $40 with the additional wallboard module $100, and is highly customizable.




Asternic + FOP2 = Amazing

Thank you so much for recommending me to the software. Its so much cheaper and better than iSymphony. Very user friendly and configurable. (super easy for FreePBX because of the 1 line cmd to install and base configure. lol)

As long as you have under 15 extensions do you need to buy the $40 license? Cant you just purchase the $100 wallboard module?


Not sure about using just the free version. I had to buy due to number of extensions to support. I even run it beside iSymphony as my users have been using iSym for a couple of years, and are used to it, but I needed the TV sized wallboard module that iSym didnt supply. I also found the click to call fop 2 module and that is going to be invaluable. My center does about 1000 outbound calls per day so the click to call will save lots of time overall, and the best part is its free, just some config and thats it.

If anyone is interested and hasn’t seen the Chrome module.:

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The original poster was looking for a real-time queue metrics app. Doesn’t FOP2 only give you active phone (not queue) information?

I don’t know - I haven’t looked at it in a long time, but the FOP2 I remember wouldn’t actually help with queue metrics (completes per hour, that kind of thing).

The wallboard plugin gives realtime. Heres a sample:

Cool. That’s new. I like.

Its highly configurable with many filters, but you have to know HTML (i dont) so its a learning process. But you can remove fields, rename, put in other metrics like SLA etc. All available filters are on the fop2 wallboard guide link above.

Yes. The wallboard does all kinds of historical data however you MUST use CCStats Pro not the free lite edition. If you use light once all calls drop from queue stays reset and I think the avgs won’t work. Otherwise this software is so worth the $200 for the entire package (unlimited users) it even works with HA.

$40 - CCStats Pro
$80 - FOP2 with chat and voicemail modules ($40 without them)
$100 - Wallboard