Queue Static Agents

Thanks in advance for your help! I have a queue setup where i have agents listed in the static agents field


These agents are not logged in on their phones. I am wanting to use the round robin feature to send the callers who are in queue to these extensions, but have the call go directly to Voicemail. This is used after hours or weekends where the voicemails of each extension would forward to the agents voicemail email addresses. Using the roundrobin feature would allow me to have each agent take turns replying to the voicemails. I hope this was clear…

Summary: using a queue for after hours when no agent is available in a queue. The callers would roundrobin to the agents who turn it is, and then go directly to voicemail of the agent. The messages are then forwarded out via email.

Right now if there is not an agent logged in or a extension which is not picked up, the calls do not go to voicemails.

Id like to be able to get the calls to go to voicemail of the round robin agents.

Thank you!!!

This is a really good idea, im wanting to use the round robin method from a queue, this way i can alternate the agents who get the voicemails in a pattern. Basically taking turns. I cant think of a way to do this via email…

We are using the email method today, and manually keeping track of who gets the next message. The issue is we are taking about 25-30 emails per day.


hi kobyjackson, i’m not sure you can do that, although others may disagree.

the queues will try to deliver a call to an extension but will not go through to voicemail - it will drop out of the end and go to whatever failover destinatuon you have set.


Thanks for your reply. I agree with you, and your logic. I am from the mind-set that there is always a way… :slight_smile: I was hoping someone might have had this question before and had an alternative idea. For a 24x7 call center that doesnt actually have staff in the call center 24x7 this really would be a nice solution.


why not deliver your voicemail as email and then send it to all agents?

Anyone have any new information on this subject. I am trying to setup a queue to do exactly what is described above.

what about if you divert the extension to vmail when the agent is out of the office?
you could set up a custom destination that goes through to the agents vmail, and then call-forward the agents extension to that custom destination.

if you use that with round robin with memory, maybe it’d work?