Queue Static Agent Issues

I have a queue with static agents. These static agents do not have voicemail. These agents at times can have calls transferred to them directly, when this happens if they don’t answer or if they are already on the phone we want the caller to have other options without having to hang up and call back in.

I created an IVR with a greeting and 2 options. The greeting tells the caller that this extension does not have voicemail press 1 to terminate the call or press 2 to be transferred to an attendant.

I then go to the static agents extension setup and I assign my new IVR to the Optional Destinations … No Answer / Busy / Not Reachable.

The problem is that when this is configured and the static agent is on the phone queue callers are sent immediately to this extensions IVR. I would have expected the queue to see that the extension was in use and skip the extension.

If the static agent had voicemail and the same scenario occurred where this static agents phone was busy the caller would not be sent directly to their voicemail?? So why if I change Optional Destinations > Busy > “Busy Voicemail If Enabled” to something else that the queue acts differently?

Any suggestions on what I can do to accomplish this successfully??

No one has any ideas?

@lgaetz or @tm1000 possibly have any ideas? I’m not getting really getting anywhere with my own research.

Hi @frankb:

I have not tested your configuration, so I am taking your report on face value that extension ‘Optional Destinations’ will take queue calls. That being the case, I can think of a few potential ways forward:

  • Instead of using an optional destination, try to use Follow Me to achieve the same goal. There are Queue options that will not use extension FMFM when dialing agents.
  • You could create custom dialplan that will hang up when being dialed from a queue, have a Custom Destination that calls the dialplan and then have the Optional Destination go to the Custom Destination before the IVR. Easier said than done.
  • You might be able to use VVX to intercept unanswered calls to extensions and present options instead of using an Optional Destination. I have a vague sense this might work for your use case, but not something I’ve tested.

I was coming up empty and here you are @lgaetz coming up with multiple possible solutions. Sure appreciate it!!!