Queue Skip Busy Agents Strict

The Strict settings don’t seem to be working when Skip Busy Agents is set to Yes.

The agent can get customers calling them directly, so if they are busy with any sort of call I don’t want them getting a queue call. That seems to work, if they are on a call then their phone is seen as busy and not rung. However, I would think that setting the Strict settings would move the caller on to the next queue. Instead the caller will sit in the queue for Max Wait Time.

Here’s an example scenario:

  1. Caller A dials their line directly
  2. While engaged with Caller A, Caller B calls in and gets routed into Queue 1
  3. Caller B sits in Queue 1 for 20 seconds and is then sent to Queue 2.

Shouldn’t Caller B have been sent on to Queue 2? The Join and Leave Empty tooltip says “Set to strict if callers cannot join a queue with no members or only unavailable members”.

Here’s my pertinent Queue Setup:

FreePBX 2.8

Agent Restrictions: Extensions Only
Max Wait Time: 20 Seconds
Max Callers: 1
Join Empty: Strict
Leave When Empty: Strict
Skip Busy Agents: Yes