Queue Setup

I have Freepbx & Asterisk, I have setup a queue of (6) agents, Ring All strategy, I need to set the maximum total time for the caller (Ringing/OR Waiting) on the queue is (2) minutes before going to a fail-over which is a Ring Group of external numbers.

How the total max time is being calculated in terms of the number of agents, Ring Strategy, Agent Timeout, Retry, etc…

when i fine tune the above settings, it sometimes stay for a long time on the queue and sometimes for a short time before going to the fail-over Ring Group and other time it goes to a mailbox of anyone of the queue members randomly.

Can you please explain how it goes.

Thank you.

Are the agents static or dynamic? If dynamic, make sure they’re logged in. The queue times vary and is based in Seconds plus how many agents are currently part of said queue. It’ll take longer for it to check 6 agents rather than one. On ringall, if VM picks up then disable that extension’s VM or adjust it’s settings to not route to VM when coming from queue.