Queue setup to use the "busy" and "unavail" voicemails based on call status


Have a small call centre which is setup for queue 601 to take all inbound calls as the default route. Presently we can only have 1 voicemail message setup on queue 601 by diverting it to ext 205 (busy) voice mail. Want to setup voice mail so that after hours when a call is received it is sent to ext 205 (unavail).

The aim being to have different messages 1 for “we are on another call so leave a message …”, and 1 for “our office hours are 8:00am till 6:00pm …”

I’ve looked at the logic flows but can get it working on my test freepbx.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


queue -> timecondition -> [voicemail_busy(dest normal hours), voicemail_unavail(dest after hours)]

Thanks for that, I’ll have a play. I was thinking time conditions had to be at the top rather than an option. Cheers