Queue rings external numbers, but ignores internal extension

I’ve set up extension 105 to be a voicemail extension. So now every time I call extension 105, I just get a message telling me to leave a message.

I’ve added extension 105 to a queue, as shown below.


I’v set up the queue with a linear ring strategy, so when I dial in, the first number rings, then if not answered it goes to the second number, but instead of ringing the voicemail extension next, it just goes to the first number again. What I’m I doing wrong here?

What are you trying to accomplish?

Extensions in Queues won’t play their Voicemail Greeting while waiting on the Queue if the Extension isn’t available.

I want to give the option to the caller, to leave a message, in case the first two numbers don’t answer. What’s my alternative?

Set the Timeout Destination to that Extension.

There is no “Timeout Destination” option in a Queue. There’s “Fail Over Destination”, but I don’t think that’s relevant. Unless I’m not understanding this correctly.

The solution was to set the Max Wait Time in the queue to 30 seconds, and set the Fail Over Destination to the extension number. Job done. Thanks.