Queue - ring while ringing and music while holding


I have a fully functioning system to include a support queue. However, we are getting people hanging up because they go directly to announcement and music instead of announcement and ringing if there is an available agent. They don’t want to wait, when in fact, the phone is ringing and the agent is just about to answer.

I would like the caller to hear ringing when the phone is ringing and music when it is not ringing. I can’t seem to get to this configuration no matter what I enter into freepbx queue settings. I can only get music all the time, or ringing all the time (who would ever want that?!?).

Am I missing something?


on the left hand side under development, select report a bug, select feature request.

I think you may want the caller to hear ringing for a while and then if not answered a message apologising for the delay after that I think its ok for the caller to get music, isn’t it? and messages every now and then. I am sure that this is possible, perhaps you would have to point the call first at a ring group and then overflow to a queue. I’d rather that the agents phones continued to ring whilst messages in queues are bein played though, then if an opperator became free whilst the caller was hearing a message they could answer the call mid message.

That’s a great idea! The only problem is, my agents log into and out of the queue, and there are different agents at different times, whereas a ring group is static.

I’m thinking SKIP BUSY AGENTS has to be set to YES so that the queue only rings when an agent is available.

This may end up as a feature request. Something like a CALLER HEARS RINGING check box so that the caller knows when an agent is being called.

there should be a timer. the caller should call in, hear ringing and the agents phones should ring but the system shouldn’t answer the call until the timer expires and then the system should answer and play a message “sorry our agents are busy etc etc please hold etc” after this its OK to hear music but there is an tick box option option for ringing. The caller wont start paying for the call until either an agent answers it or the system does to play a message. I think a timer that you can set to the time that you think it is acceptable to keep the caller waiting before answering should be included.


How do I turn this into a feature request?

I don’t see a method anywhere?