Queue Reports stop working/gathering information

Hi to all,

We have a problem with our FreePBX implementation. At the beginning, Queue Reports was working flawlessly. Some months ago it stopped importing automatically the registries.

To avoid this problem I started to import those manually from /var/log/asterisk, the files are named “queue_log-20190704” (this for example is for July 4, 2019). I imported them manually using this command:

fwconsole qxactreports --reimport=queue_log-20190815 -vvv --sync

Some days ago I was able to upgrade all the system (freepbx module updates and also linux packages). Everything went good and it even import that day queues automatically, but the day after, it stopped working again.

Hope you guys could give me a hint with this issue.

Thanks in advance.

This is a commercial module, you’ll need to open a ticket with Sangoma.

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