Queue Reports (QXact) Licensing

Regarding Queue Reports (QXact), is the licensing based on 1 license per PBX?, per Queue?, per extension? or per user pulling reports? I don’t see this documented anywhere.

Licenses are per box with the exception of the softphones, which are per user, annually. On the purchase page I believe it spells out your purchase options.

So, please spell it out for me. Forget the soft-phones. Per box means what?

Purchase page? Got a link? There is a product description page with no mention of licensing in either the Module Guide or the Admin Guide or the video. I can get the Checkout cart. I am also unable to sign up for a demo, even with the Registration ID. Maybe it’s Firefox?

Log into the Sangoma Portal with the credentials for the account where your deployment is registered to. In the Store section of the portal you can search for the 25 year module license by the product ID FPBX-C25Y-QXT and then on check out you can assign it to your deployment ID.

Per FreePBX instance.

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