Queue reports Mysql table name

Hi All,

In which table Queue reports data will be stored, how can i see from Mysql CLI.

Can anyone help me that i am not getting any data in qs_callstats and qs_queuestats mysql tables.
Version = Freepbx disto - 16

Current version of the commercial Queue Reports module pulls data from the asteriskcdrdb:queuelog table.

Hi Igaetz,

In queuelog table i can only see few parameters i.e date , callid , queuename , agent , event but in queue report there are so many parameters and reports available, from where did those values will come to queue report.

Thank you for your response.

You need to parse the contents and join it to the other information on the PBX… or use something that does the tricks for you.

Hi Lorne, I have a V16 with up to date Queue reports but any report I try on past data (pre-May) comes back with Zero info. Logging in my mysql I see that the asteriskcdrdb:queuelog is empty. Any thoughts on why queue data is not being store there?

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