Queue Reports (Formely Qxact) Module Pause Reason

I have a couple of questions about the Queue Reports Module that I paid for.

  1. I am running FPBX14 which is currently end of life. The module version also reflects this version #. If I were to upgrade from FPBX14 > FPBX16 would the Queue Reports module get a newer update? I am having a hard time figuring out the actual change log if there is any past Version 14.

  2. For the Queue Reports template, Agent Availability Detail. It has a column called Agent Action where it specifies if the user pauses or unpauses, but it doesn’t have a column for a reason such as Lunch or break, etc. How can I enable this column to show an actual Pause reason? Currently, checking the MySQL database, there is a column called reason for Qxact, but I see no way to display this column in the GUI.

If the answer to question #2 boils down to upgrade the FPBX to show this column then so be it.

Not sure why it is diffcult to see an actual change log for a commercial module and I am hoping someone can point me to the right direction if I just simply need to upgrade the FPBX version away from 14.

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