Queue report - who answers the phone

I’ve been looking at the reports but I’ve failed to find a way to answer this question. How can I tell who is answering phone calls that come into a queue?

I’m not looking for a specific call, but rather a list of calls. For example: How many of the calls that come into a sales queue are answered by extension 288? How many by ext. 265? That sort of thing. Something that gives me an idea of who’s taking calls and who’s not.



Take a look at Asternic.org’s queue stats. It does just this. They have a free version.

Was looking at their website. Looks like the old FOP. Shows the status of the existing queue but I don’t see reports that would tell me history, such as how many calls in the queue were answered by a specific extension. Looks like the last update on the page was 2009-06-22. They’re announcing FOP 0.30 for FOP2.


Their is also Scott the QXact reports for the FreePBX Distro that can be purchased from the FreePBX store.

Ooops forgotten those had been made available to the Open Source users.

Jerry - The QXact reports are excellent and even have a report writer you can design your own queries.

Just an FYI, appears to be a broken graphic link on the page.
http://www.freepbxdistro.org/products/qxact.php Big picture in the top right seems to be missing. I believe the path it’s looking for is http://www.freepbxdistro.org/products/img/qxact_admin.jpg