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My scenario is that caller should not charge in queue until our agent answer their call.
This scenario is perfectly working with ring group. If i route my calls to ring group with any ring strategy it works.
But our requirement is “Queue” because of agent/queue real time monitoring, detailed reports, agent login/logout etc.
Other queue options not soo much required like Music on Hold , Join announcement.
Please suggest me if any configuration required or tools for ring group options detail.

Thanks In Advance
Need Expert Advice.

Have you tried the Queue No Answer option? If that is not working or not what you want, please provide details.

Are you using a ‘premium’ number (expensive for the caller and you receive some of the revenue)? If so, your provider may have special instructions for signaling when billing should start.

I didn’t find Queue No Answer option in Queues Module .

No i m not using any premium number. I m using a DID Number from “SIP PRI”.
My client have huge volume of incoming calls and callers might wait longer for its turn so my
client request is that caller will not charge before they connect with agent.
I tried and this scenario is working in ring group but on queue Once I dial DID number, it’s answered right-away.

Here is a screenshot from my FreePBX system.

Sorry, I don’t know whether you don’t have this option because your system is older than when the feature was added, or if it somehow depends on some other module that you have not installed. Perhaps someone from Sangoma can answer this.

Unfortunately, depending on what country your DID is in and your provider, you will likely face one or more of:

  1. In some places, it’s common for mobile operators to start charging after the called number has been ‘ringing’ for 30 seconds, even if unanswered.

  2. In most places, a call will be disconnected after being unanswered for some period of time. This can be as little as 60 seconds and is rarely more than 3 minutes.

  3. Audio that you play before answering (queue announcements or music) may not be heard by the caller, who will hear ringback tone instead. Most callers will give up after hearing 45 to 60 seconds of ringback – they don’t realize that there is a queue and simply assume that no one is there.

Using your ring group, you can test for these problems first. If the results are satisfactory, you can upgrade to a version that supports Queue No Answer.

First of all @Stewart1 I really appreciate your quick and detailed reply.

As you discussed in point 2.

That is my actual requirement . Calls should disconnect after being unanswered.

Yes i see my freepbx version is too old it is freePBX 2.11.0 and i m going to install update version on VM and test my requirement.
Thanks Again.

Thank You @Stewart1
Queue No Answer option work like a charm as per my requirement.

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