Queue redirect

Hi guys, I need some professional advice. I’m running astercc with FreePBX I have queue ex: 3333 and ten dynamic agents that are logging in it. When incoming call is redirected to queue 3333 all logged agents are ringing in ring strategy “rrmemory”. The problem is that I need the queue to be redirected once on two months to mobile number. ex: incoming call -> queue 3333 -> mobile number (without agents). How do you propose to do it ?

Thanks in advice ! :slight_smile:

i would use a time condition.

incoming number --> time condition
if match (normal case) - queue 3333
if not matched (the special case) - queue 10000 (for example). Or you can create a fake extension and do a follow me, in the case where there’s only 1 mobile number being forwarded to.

In queue 10000, have static mobile numbers there as agents.