Queue Recordings - MIXMONITOR "b" flag

FreePBX & Asterisk 13.

I have record=yes set at the queue level, and recordings are working properly.

My only issue is that the recording starts as soon as someone enters the queue - not when the call is bridged to an agent. Therefore, the recordings are prefaced with X minutes of MOH depending on how long the caller waited in the queue.

I see that FreePBX is invoking the MIXMONITOR app with only the '“a” and the “i” flag - not the “b” flag which would begin the recording on after the call was bridged.

I can not find an option to set this anywhere - but on the other hand I don’t believe that everyone recording queues is also recording their MOH. Am I missing it or does an option not exist? Or am I totally off base here?

Sounds like a bug to me - did you submit an Issues ticket?

I did not submit an issues ticket.

It is an Asterisk option that doesn’t appear to be accessible via FreePBX, so I not sure I’d consider it a bug.

I guess I can’t imagine that everyone who is recording queues has also been recording their own MOH while the callers wait - so I was learning more towards just missing something on my side.

A google search find one hit on this exact thing from about 6 years ago. But I don’t see anyone else asking about it since - again, making me think it is me.

I’m with the same symptom in the FreePBX 16 version with asterisk 18, did anyone manage to solve it?

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