Queue queues_post_custom problem

Hello, please help with this configuration in FreePBX.
Say, I have a queues 500 and 600.
I have extensions 434, 435, 436.
I add a config like member=Local/434@customer-survey-ivr/n,0,434,hint:434@ext-local in /etc/asterisk/queues_post_custom.conf

The problem is that this config is spread on both queues. But I want it to be spread on only one queue 500.
How can the different queues be distinguished from one another in this construction member=Local/434@customer-survey-ivr/n,0,434,hint:434@ext-local?

I know that agents should be added by GUI, but the requirement of the script I am trying to use states it should be added in /etc/asterisk/queues_post_custom.conf file.

adapt the approach to work in a more FreePBX friendly way.

Do you have a link to the script?

Queues Pro commercial module might be able to help in your use case as well.

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