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I have a customer with a very specific scenario:

1- IVR answers incoming call and caller dials extension
2- The dialed extension rings for 10 seconds then it rings a queue for another 10 seconds (see below for more details)
3- If the call is not answered from the queue after 10 seconds, it must be sent to the voicemail of the extension dialed at step 2

Here’s how I wanted to configure this:
The queue is configured with dynamic agents. Extensions logged-in in the queue will act as “receptionists” and they will change depending on the staff availability

IVR will not use direct dial. Instead, every extension will have it’s own Ring Group. The extensions numbers will be programmed in the IVR to redirect the calls to the respective Ring Groups (if someone dials 202, the call will go to ring group 8202). Each ring group will ring the extension for 10 seconds, then the queue for 10 seconds (hunt style), then it will failover to the voicemail of the original extension (which is set as the ring group’s “Destination if no answer”)

The problem is, once the call rings the queue, it seems to ignore the ring group’s timeout of 10 seconds and it is instead using the queue’s timeout and queue’s failover destination. I thought (or should I say whished) that since the call goes through the ring group first, and the queue is part of that ring group, that the system would “pull back” the call from the queue once the ring group’s time limit is reached.

I am not sure if I am clear, but I’m scratching my head to make this work.

The only reason for this setup is the need to have a “dynamic reception”, with agents being able to opt-in and opt-out. Otherwise, I wouldn’t need to use a queue.

Does anyone have a clue on how to make this scenario work ?

I think that “Queue No Answer” is my answer here !
I will do some tests and I’ll give the results

How my customers handle this is through FMFM. I set up the receptionist line with a FMFM of the dynamic queue. The queue’s no-answer destination is the receptionist’s voicemail.

When the receptionist isn’t there, he sets the phone to DND and it jumps to the queue immediately.

I tried to use Follow-Me but it also affect internal calls, which is not what the customer waants.

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Ok I confirm that it works just like I needed when I set the option “Queue No Answer” to yes


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