Queue question - agents on different systems

I have two systems connected using IAX2 trunks and the proper outbound routes. Different extension numbers. If my main queue is on system 1 can I have extensions on system 2 in the main queue as static agents?

I would think so, but you’re going to probably need to be “aggressive” is setting up the extensions.

My first run at it would be to set up a custom extension for the ‘remote’ extension on the primary and connect it to the extension on the second PBX. The problem is going to start when you want to be able to log in and out of the queue - the local machine is going to be the default location for that, which may or may not give you the access you need. Since you want to use them at static agents, that will make it a little easier.

I ran some tests and it does work. As long as the two systems are connected via IAX2 and have the appropriate outbound routes between them, then you can simply put the extension from system 2 as a static agent in system 1s queue and it works.


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