Queue Problem and BLF Issues

Since yesterday morning, we have been experiencing some problems with a queue (we only have one) and BLF’s.

First, we have noticed that BLF’s are not working properly. We do have several commercial modules, including EPM, Phone Apps, etc. BLF’s for Parking, Voicemail, and Find-Me Follow-Me seem to work correctly. But, any BLF for monitoring extensions does not work.

Second, our Queue will not send calls to queue members. Callers immediately go in to the queue as “Caller #1”, “Caller #2”, etc. However, the system never rings any of the queue members. As a temporary work-around, I set the queue timeout to 2 seconds, and have the queue failing over to a ring group. I am assuming that the queue problem may be related to the BLF problem, but I’m not positive.

I imagine a module update may have caused the problem, as they were updated over the weekend. I have tried to roll-back some that I know were updated, but am unable to find a way to identify all that were updated. Is there a record of this kept anywhere?

Thank you for any assistance!

Hey Bullfrog,

i opened a critical issue ticket for this.
I think this is not a user problem, because we have the same problem since today we updated everything.

The BLFs dont work anymore.
Queue members don’t get called anymore, but after a asterisk restart it works for a few hours.



Thanks for submitting the critical issue to support. After spending most of the evening yesterday trying to figure it out, I believe I isolated the module update that caused the problem, so this may help you also.

I had updated several modules, but the one that returned everything to normal operation was the ‘Core’ module. I had updated it from 13.0.101 to 13.0.109. When I rolled it back to 13.0.101, the queue and BLF’s started working properly.

I hope that helps you too.



This has been resolved in Core 13.0.110

For what it is worth, after installing Core 13.0.110, the queue and BLF’s appear to be working for me. If I experience more issues, I will dig further. Thank you Andrew!