Queue Pro (VQ Plus) audio files

Hi, folks.

We are testing the Queue Pro (VQ Plus), specifically only the feature “Callback”, it is working good, however we only want to change one audio in the work flow :

The caller (Customer for us), listen the IVR select 1. Enquires. (Good)

  • the IVR play the music on hold (Good)
  • If the caller press 1 the callback feature start to work (good)
  • after press 1 the FreePBX play this voice audio script Male voice

“Press 1 to use this number (play the digits of callerid ) or press 2 to enter different number” (Work good), this is the audio file vqplus-enter-number

But if the caller does not select any option, after few seconds the FreePBX play this script

“Please enter you telephone number follow by pound key.”
the files:
Please enter you = Please-enter-you (male voice)
Telephone number = Telephone-number (male voice)
follow by pound key = apparently the file is vmnotify-follow-by-pound (and it is female voice). When I played in my desktop PC I listened, it is the exactly the same voice and sound.

“follow by pound key” here in U.K confuse the customer, they don’t know that mean press the button # , we would like to change to “follow by hash key”

We know the audio files are here /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en_GB/
We renamed the files vmnotify-follow-by-pound.* to vmnotify-follow-by-pound..bak
and copy the vmnotify-follow-by-hash.
(male voice and with hash) to vmnotify-follow-by-pound.*

but the crazy lady still saying “Follow by pound key”.

We cannot find in the Web GUI of FreePBX how to do this kind of modification.

Any ideas folks, We shall very appreciate any light


Did you reload the dialplan?

Maybe the sound file that is being used is not the one in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en_GB/?

Do a test call and look at the log to see what needs to be tweaked.

Hi, Comtech.

That for the reply.
I rebooted the FreePBX, but never reload the dialplan.

I have been thinking the same the audio file is in another folder. so I used the command
find . -name to find the files, and show in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en_GB/ and
in /var/www/html/admin/modules/vmnotify/sounds/en_GB/

Maybe I am looking the wrong file. So yes you idea to check the logs is good approach.
How is the best way to check, I mean, FreePBX have different logs, which one I need to look?, maybe using nano and check specific log file, or in real time using asterisk in debug verbosity. ?

I will take a look, thanks you give me a route to troubleshoot.

Tail the full log while making a callback call.


Hi, Comtech

Thank you so much, the tail command with logs is great, very interesting for troubleshoot in real time. That give me the hint.

Here is the file and path
/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/followed_pound.alaw <— this is the famous female voice

I renamed the followed_pound.alaw to followed_pound.alaw.bak

I copied the file with followed_hash.alaw to followed_pound.alaw

And that is it, now the PBX say Follow by hash instead by pound

I very appreciated your help
Daniel W

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No problem, don’t forget to mark the thread as solved, if it is.

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