Queue Pro (for queue callback) and penalty

I am facing an issue, and I was wondering if this is intentional, a misusage, or a bug.
We recently activated a trial for Queue Pro as we would like to set up and use queue callback. Our agents have various penalty in the queue because some of them are busy on different projects, so we make sure they get fewer calls.
However, as soon as we enable queue callback, all agents that have a penalty higher than 0 stop receiving calls.
Is this a bug? If so, is there a known solution?
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Can you clarify more here? Stop receiving all queue calls? Just the callbacks? Is it because there is availability in the higher priority agents and so they are getting all the calls, with none left over for the more penalty agents?

Hey! Thanks for the reply.
For as long as a user have a penalty over 0, this specific user will not receive any call (regular or callback)
Even if they are the only user logged in the queue. It doesn’t seem to have to do with user priority.

Sounds like a bug are you upgraded to the latest versions of free PBX and the queue module? If yes, it might be worth submitting a bug report.

Yes, everything is fully updated.
Thanks for your reply, I will try this.

This may be related to what you are experiencing.

Same issue indeed!

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