Queue Priority

I have two queues - a normal queue and a queue for people who wish to hold in silence. Ideally I would like to take whomever has been waiting longest in either queue and send them to the next available rep.
Any way of doing this?

In theory you should be able to just create two different queues and have all agents log into both. This should give you the desired results unless I’m missing something.

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Agents don’t ‘log into’ the queues. The queues ring all customer service extensions as soon as they are available.
The logic I’m after is, when an customer service agent comes available, does it give them the first in line in Queue 1, Queue 2, or can I set it so that it delivers the person who has been waiting longest in any queue.

Aa long as both queues are set up the same as far as routing, in theory, this should work exactly as you’re talking about. Shouldn’t matter whether agents are static or dynamic.

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This will depend on the ring method you chose

Least recent 2ill do exactly that, ring the agent who was least recently on a call , but initially you talk about ringing all agents

It’s easy to test though just set up 2 queues with 2 agents in each

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