Queue priorities


I have 2 queues in a call centre with exactly the same dynamic and static agents. First queue is Dutch customers, second is Belgian. My queury is this: why is that when there are calls for both queues the Dutch ones take precedence over the Belgian? In other words, the Dutch ones are passed to the agents first leaving the Belgian ones waiting longer?

Queue weighting settings for both of them are Zero.

I’m baffled.


Running PBXact

Running PBXact

Have you confirmed via CDR that the Belgian calls arrived first?

Was the Dutch queue created first?

What happens if you make some of the have a higher penalty in the Dutch queue, and the others have a higher penalty in Belgian?

Hi Comtech,

Yes the Belgian calls do arrive first and the Dutch queue was created first.

Haven’t tried yet with the penalties, I was hoping to avoid that route but if needs be it may well have to be an option.



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