Queue Penalty Rules

We are running asterisk 13.9.1 with FreePBX 10.13.66-15. We have 3 penalty classifications of extensions that are added to the queues (0, 1, 2) depending on the type of employee that you are. I am curious if the penalty rules can do the following or if someone knows a better way to accomplish my end result.

Call comes into the queue with settings of Agent Restrictions: Extension Only, Skip Busy Agents: Queue Calls Only, Max Wait Time: 100 seconds. What I would like to happen is the penalty 0s ring for the first 40 seconds, then the penalty 0s and 1s ring for the next 40 seconds and the penalty 0s, 1s, and 2s ring for the last 20 seconds.

I have set a penalty rule to 40 seconds with a max penalty change to 1 and 40 seconds with a max penalty change to 2 for the second line. When I use the lazy members the 0s ring for 40 seconds, then the 1s for 40 seconds and lastly the 2s but none of them ring together. If I do not use the lazy members then the 0s are the only group that rings and it never fails over to include the other two penalties.

Let me know if you need any further info about the queue to assist with this one. Thanks in advance for the assistance.

No the way queues work is it groups together the agent penalties into logical groups so it will never ring penalty 0 through 2 at the same time. It will only ring 1 group at a time.

Thank you for the quick response. Is there any other way to accomplish the end result?

Did you ever figure out a way to accomplish this? we also want to ring dynamic agents in a logical order no matter what order they signed in.

Define your logic.

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