Queue name is not string?

i need thet in queue to use symbols and no numbers , how can i do this ? when i config freepbx It does not allow me to use symbols in the queue number . This is because I want the queuename to appear in the queuedescription column in my queue.log, because it doesn’t happen, I decided to write the name with symbols in the queuenumber, but it doesn’t allow me to do that.

Queue names can’t be anything but numbers as you need to be able to dial them like an extension or phone number.

If on vanilla asterisk the row name can be letters, why can’t freepbx be a way to change them?

FreePBX is not a configuration tool for Asterisk. It is a tool for making Asterisk behave like a PABX.

FreePBX is not vanilla Asterisk, if it is a requirement for your project, use vanilla Asterisk.

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