Queue max timeout question

Hi there.

I am trying to setup a rather basic queue configuration.

Call comes into Queue A and Asterisk will ring 3 SIP extensions with RingAll.
After 15 secs of no agent picking up I want to call 3 more extensions.
My idea was to simply cascade two queues but I was not able to set the max-timeout to below 30s.
Since I doubt that I am the only one out there who needs to have this “two stage” queue with a timeout of less than 30s I stronly believe that there is some solution to this issue which I am just not seeing. :slight_smile:

So I hope some of you guys can shed some light on this!

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That is suppose to be what Queue penalties are for. I tried messing with them many moons ago on an earlier version of Asterisk (1.2.10 I think). They were very broken. You may try them again, or maybe that’s something they got working in 1.4? The queue will ring the lowest penalty numbers first. When it has exhausted them it will move up the chain. That is the theory.

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I tried queues and priority on Asterisk 1.2.23 and they were still broken - I didn’t notice anything in the changelog to the latest version regarding queues either.


I am gonna try that althouth by reading about the queue() app’s penatly “feature” on voip-info.org I only saw that Asterisk will move up the chain when agents are busy. Would be nice if the next penatly level would be used if either all agents on the lower level are busy or after the agent timeout (which can be set to my desired 15s).
Will let you know how it works. :slight_smile:

It is suppose to be when they aren’t available whether busy or not answering, iirc.

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Unfortunately that does not work. I have tested this with freePBX 2.3 on Asterisk 1.4.11 but the queue would only reach the next penalty level once all agents are busy and not after the agent-timeout. Too bad!
Any ideas on this? I can hardly believe that I am the first one who needs this kind of queue behavior. :slight_smile:



When I played with it many moons ago, if I configured just the right parameters I could get it to run through all the extensions twice and then after that escalate up to the next penalty level. They were ringing, not busy. But this required lining up the moons, sun and starts in just the right order and the results was partially working. This has been a known issue with Asterisk, I’m sorry to hear that the problem remains in 1.4.

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http//freepbx.org - IRC #freepbx