Queue logs - "CONNECT" always shows ringtime as 0

I’m trying to figure out why the ringtime shown in the CONNECT queue log record is always 0 for my calls answered by agents in my queues. Happens with all agents, static or dynamic. SIP or PJSIP.

I feel like I’m missing something stupid, but I can’t figure it out.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

Example of queue log record:


Just curious - anyone else using queues - if you look in your queue log, do your connect records show 0 for ringtime?

Every example of a connect queue log record that I’ve seen on the internet also have 0 as the ringtime.

I don’t use queues, but a ringtime “into the queue” should be zero. There’s probably some way to delay this step, but I can’t think of a time you’d want to. For sure, I’m not very imaginative when it comes to some of this stuff, so having the delay might actually be useful at some point.

My theory (just a theory) is that the call comes in “from the wild” and gets picked up by the queue. Once the Queue picks up the call, it’s now “answered” (from the remote phone perspective). From there, the call is “managed” by the queue (so the connect time to the queue would always be really close to zero). The call will sit queued until someone picks up an extension or the call falls into the error leg. Once someone picks up the call, they are bridged into the existing Queue call and the queue drops off.

Now, I don’t KNOW that this is what’s happening, but looking at the …/full log implies that this is what’s happening.

Thanks for the reply.

I was thinking something along those lines - and this is how it works - but, this is what the documentation says about the CONNECT queue log entry:

CONNECT(holdtime|bridgedchanneluniqueid|ringtime) - The caller was connected to an agent. Hold time represents the amount of time the caller was on hold. The bridged channel unique ID contains the unique ID of the queue member channel that is taking the call. This is useful when trying to link recording filenames to a particular call in the queue. Ringtime represents the time the queue members phone was ringing prior to being answered.

Once again, working from a basis of the “rule of least astonishment” - I’d expect there to be several CONNECT() calls, one for each event. If they’re ALL zero, then I’d suspect a bug. Try submitting your documentation in an “Issues” ticket and see what the experts come back with.

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