Queue login by user instead of extension

Is it possible to have someone log in by a “username” or number instead of an extension number so that depending on the number they use it would log them into specific queues?

For example, if they logged in as 5555, it would log them into queue 1111
but then after hours they could log in as 15555 and it would log them into queue 1112 and 1113

or something similar? that way if someone needed to sit at someone else desk they could use their user number/name instead of the extension they are sitting at which may not be configured for the queue needed.

I hope this makes sense.

How are your users logging in/ouf of your queues?

Do you mean Device and User mode?


That is EXACTLY what I needed.

Thank you very much.

Exercise caution when using D&U mode as it is not officially supported. It should largely work okay for you, but some parts of FreePBX will break:

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Great, don’t forget to mark the topic as solved when you feel that it is. :slight_smile:

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