queue_log format change in 2.8


I’ve noticed a change in the queue_log that is a little inconsistent.

Prior to 2.8 every line had its channel number such as

1278618818|1278618809.13124|8900|Local/[email protected]/n|ADDMEMBER|
1278618824|1278618702.13091|8900|Local/[email protected]/n|RINGNOANSWER|1000

Now the same lines will appear as

1278618818|1278618809.13124|8900|Local/[email protected]/n|ADDMEMBER|

Was this an intended change that just missed the ADD/REMOVE member events? I’m about to re-write my parsing scripts to handle the change and didn’t want to get hit should this be a bug thats gonna be fixed. :stuck_out_tongue:


Resurrecting an old thread. I just stumbled across this change and was wondering if you ever gathered more information on this? This seems like an odd choice here, especially given the inconsistency pointed out above.

Perhaps this is a problem related to changes in how asterisk 1.8 stores data in the realtime queue_log?