Queue & IVR Behavior


I have setup a Queue in FreePBX. I have the retry option set 1 second, so if someone is in a call, they put the phone down and their phone rings with the next person in the queue.

This works just fine if I dial the Queue direct. If I get to the Queue via an IVR, the phone doesn’t start phoning with the next caller.

Do you have any thoughts please?


Sorry I should have said the version numbers

FreePBX Distro: 10.13.66-17
Asterisk: 13.12.1

Thanks very much.

This isn’t a solution, but maybe a work around… I setup time groups and then time conditions, so if between the hours of 8-5 the call goes to the queue and if after 5pm the call goes to the IVR. Hope that helps a little?


That wouldn’t work for us, we want it to go to the IVR 24/7.


Scrap this, it’s not the IVR. Its the settings in the Queue.

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