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Hello. I received a thing saying “Queue features are free to use during the beta period” whereas “While the queue features are in beta, they may be available to all Sangoma Phone Desktop users, but on or after March 31, 2024 these will be premium features that will require additional licensing.” Will this affect the FreePBX call queue features?

(I’m not talking about the premium features, just the FreePBX queue features)

I believe this refers to the features around queues for Sangoma Phone desktop, not FreePBX queues in general.

As a side note, I am disappointed to see this will be yet another license on top of the soft phones.


Me too. Thank you

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Jumping on here too, seeing this message, already paying a crap ton for 140 sangoma desktop licenses. Hate to see more fees, all of them use queues.


just noted from notifications: "Queue features are in beta, they may be available to all Sangoma Phone Desktop users, but on or after March 31, 2024 these will be premium features " , but guess more related to Sangoma Phones … let’s see

Why? They clearly communicated what was going on. Why shouldn’t they be paid for their development? Is it a matter of a separate fee? Would it be more ideal if the cost was rolled into a higher annual license cost, so you just see one fee? But then what about those that don’t need that functionality?

You need the company to exist (by making money to cover development cost) to take advantage of all the FreePBX “free stuff” you are driving monetary value for, right? Genuinely, what do you think is a good alternative?

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The issue is we’ve been billing for Sangoma Desktop licenses as is for more than a year with queues included, now, if they’re charging more for features we’re already using, at first glance, it comes off our bottom line. I guess it just means a price increase for the end user. We’ve been absorbing the cost of the desktop licenses, we will just have to adjust… Sorry if i offended you with jumping on the complaint train.

No offence taken, just trying to provide you with some perspective. :slight_smile: anecdotally, I think they are a great value for what you get, but they are hardly the only option. If you think you can get more value for your money elsewhere, many softphones are out there that work with FreePBX.

Maybe this is an opportunity to see if you can maximize your savings by getting something new, or it’s an opportunity to see that the value is really there with Sangoma. Then instead of feeling taken advantage of, you could feel like you had good value software.

We came from Bria, definitely like Sangoma Desktop better. It does have some features missing, but overall has been pretty solid for about 200 users.

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What’s missing? It’s not a quick fix, but have you submitted a feature request?

Hi there,

Totally understand where you are coming from and you make some great points.

Please allow me to clarify my thoughts, I’m in no way saying the Queue features of Sangoma Phone should be 100% free because they have developed this very nicely. But I do think it should be rolled into the cost of the soft phone. Yes, that does mean that everyone would have to pay a little more, but I’d rather see a slight increase to the cost of Sangoma Phone and let everyone have the features than have what is likely (purely guessing on history since there has been no formal announcement of what the license will cost) going to be a hefty second license. Though I’m not a huge fan of a lot of things Sangoma has done in the past few years, I will say that Sangoma Phone and Sangoma Talk have probably been the best value soft phone out there for FreePBX and I tegrate very nicely.

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Right now all the queue features have are informational, what they’ve said is coming and why there’s going to be an additional fee are features like Monitor, Whisper, and Barge, which I believe are currently only available for Switchvox.

I feel like they’re mostly targeting users that are on iSymphony since it’s been pretty much ignored for a couple of years now, and doesn’t super easily work with WebSocket endpoints, e.g. Sangoma Phone.

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Between what you originally shared and this post, the difference is night and day. And it would be that way for anyone reading the posts, including Sangoma. If I were a new person with no experience, and I happened to read the post, I might turn away and never give Sangoma Phone a second thought. But hearing what you really think would make me think that the phones are a great value. For all the shortcomings, and would of, could of, should ofs. FreePBX is truly a great piece of software. It only gets better with a strong development and user base. Knocking down either topples the program, and it’s not a given that someone will pick it up and keep it moving in a good direction. So it is important to me that we don’t unnecessarily let frustration detract from genuinely good and progressive pieces of the project.

Does that mean we need to censor our thoughts or keep our mouths shut? I don’t believe so. To me it just means we need to temper our initial reactions with gut checks. Bad feedback has its places and uses, but asking myself, “is what I am saying really true or what I really believe?” Is a good best practice for everything in life, but especially here. Everyone that’s here and keeps coming back is committed to helping others in some capacity. Thats fantastic. This is the first opensource project I ever participated in. I learned everything I know about Asterisk, FreePBX, and Linux starting from this group. It has been amazing for me to have had great teachers like @dicko, @jfinstrom, @lgaetz, @cynjut, @PitzKey, @Stewart1 and many others. Its been FUN. I want (as much as reasonably possible) that same feeling for all of you. I will get off my soapbox now.

Lastly, I agree, I too think it would be ideal if the softphone was one price for a lot of reasons. Have you thought about sharing your feedback with Sangoma directly?


Contrary to what may get posted in rash moments, they do listen and feedback helps guide everyone.:slight_smile:

Thanks for posting your thoughts!

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