Queue features

Hello. I received a thing saying “Queue features are free to use during the beta period” whereas “While the queue features are in beta, they may be available to all Sangoma Phone Desktop users, but on or after March 31, 2024 these will be premium features that will require additional licensing.” Will this affect the FreePBX call queue features?

(I’m not talking about the premium features, just the FreePBX queue features)

I believe this refers to the features around queues for Sangoma Phone desktop, not FreePBX queues in general.

As a side note, I am disappointed to see this will be yet another license on top of the soft phones.

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Me too. Thank you

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Jumping on here too, seeing this message, already paying a crap ton for 140 sangoma desktop licenses. Hate to see more fees, all of them use queues.