Queue failover if no dynamic agents logged in

So during various times of day, only tier 1 agents are available for particular queues. Normally, I send calls right to tier 2 if possible.

Aside from having the caller wait the max wait time for a T2 agent, and then spilling into the T1 queue, is there a way to get them into the T1 queue faster if nobody from T2 is logged in?

Currently I use time groups to do this (go to T2 during the hours they’re available) but obviously people show up late/early sometimes too.

Or, am I better off just using penalties on my queue members?

I’d say “Yes”.

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Can you use penalties to prevent a “tier 1” agent from taking a call if a tier 2 agent is on a call and will become available?

Like with 2 queues, I can set a timeout (say 2 minutes) before giving up on a tier 2 agent answering the call.

I’d rather have a customer wait a few minutes than get sent to somebody who can’t help as well.

Hi Patrick,

If I’m understanding the question correctly, you have a call queue (T1) and you want a call to automatically go to the failover destination (which is a second queue (called T1)) if no-one available from the first (T1) queue?

If so, you can achieve this by modifying the following settings in the first queue:
Skip Busy Agents (General Settings): Yes
Retry (Timing & Agent Options): No Retry
Join Empty (Capacity Options): Ultra Strict
Leave Empty (Capacity Options): Ultra Strict

Now calls will go directly to the second (T1) call queue if there is no-one available to answer the call in the first (T2) queue.