I need to apply queue_extenstate_1.4.svn.patch to an AsteriskNow installation. I can’t find any source code in the system. I have googled for it but haven’t found anything definitive. I did download asterisk source and applied the patch and recompiled but can’t really determine if it is running my patched version or not.

Mark W. Wood

if you re-compiled from source and did a make install, it should take (though you probably won’t be able to upgrade from yum any longer).

if you want to get maximum benefit, you should also put a back-ported version of func_extenstate.so on your 1.4 system and then run FreePBX 2.8 which has some other useful improvements.

yup, downloaded the source and recompiled. Is 2.8 ready for prime time? this is a production environment with 5 Asterisk servers. This server is only for ACD services and to feed the data over to Queuemetrics for display and reporting. I had to use agents.conf to make the Queuemetrics portion work.

If 2.8 were confirmed ready for prime time it would not be in beta.

It is looking fairly solid but here were some significant changes in core areas of the dialplan so we have been taking it conservatively.

We will be releasing the version upgrade module online to 2.7 shortly which will quickly broaden the test base but until that starts to ramp up and we monitor the bug count I can’t honestly claim that there is not something hiding in there despite quite a few production systems that are running on it.

However … if you are using agents.conf agents then several of the changes in 2.8 that help out queues quite a bit won’t really apply as you are already getting benefits from avoiding the Local channel by doing such.