QUEUE exit if not reply

Hi everyone, i would like set that if all of agent in the queue don’t reply (after agent time out) the caller will go to failover destination.
I have a queue whit only with an agent, and if it can’t replay at the call it schould be transfer to another queue.

i didn’t found anything like this.

thank you

any suggestions?

I setted autopause yes and Leave Empty yes and the first call it’s ok but the agent go in autopause and the next calls go to failover immediately.

The option Max Wait Time should let you get off of the queue after it’s reached.

Thank you for your reply.
yes, but i would like the caller to leave the queue if the agent doesn’t answer. if the agent is on a call, the caller should be on hold in the queue.

Your agents must pause themselves when they are not answering calls so the ‘leave empty’ option will work. Otherwise you can enable auto pause, but your agents must manually unpause.

OK thank you.
is it possible to exit the pause automatically?

Yes, the ‘Leave Empty’ and ‘Join Empty’ parameters control this.

If i enable auto pause and Leave Empty, is it possible unpause in automatic after the caller exit from the queue?

There is no such thing as auto unpause.

Ok thanks, do you think there are no other options to do this also without queues?

the problem is that the agent can leave the station and the phone ring without nothing who answer, and the call should be forwarded to another queue.

Maybe Queues> Timing & Agent Options> Retry? is what you are looking for? This will only try the first agent, then that’s it

I have tried but if i set retry to no retry if the agent is on call, the caller leave the queue immediately and go to fail over destination.

I would like the caller go to fail over only if the agent doesn’t answer the call (after ringing). if the agent is on call the caller should be in the queue on hold

Your very unique use case would require a custom build it seems like. I do not think you can accomplish what you are wanting to do though the Sangoma module directly.

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