Queue destination if all agents are busy

Hi. I have two queues. I want to set destination to second queue if all agents in first queue are busy. How to do this?

You could probably do this by setting the failover destination of the first queue. Point it to the 2nd queue. You also probably want to make sure it skips your busy agents so that calls in the queue don’t sit in their alternation call presence slots.

This is the very definition of a queue, have callers wait until an agent is free. Sounds like you want a Ring Group.

I know that I can do this with ring group. But I need to do this with queue. Is there any method of this?

Is there anyone who knows the solution of this task?

We’ve already told you - this isn’t how queues work. If you want it to roll over when it’s full, you need to change the first one to a Ring Goup, then set the Alternate Destination to your “second” queue.

Okay. Thank you for the information.