Queue cycling - Force to voicemail after x amount of times

Hey guys,

I’m looking to see if this is possible or if there is a better way of accomplishing this.

Goal: There are two separate groups that are responsible for answering calls, the first group has the primary responsibility for answering and scheduling calls. The second group, has the role as a secondary responsibility but just in case the first can’t get to it. Would like the people calling in to be prompted every 5 minutes to leave a voicemail or continue holding. After 15 minutes, they’d be forced to leave a voicemail.

I’ve included a screenshot of the call flow, but currently setup with the primary queue for scheduling where they wait in there for 2 minutes, then a secondary queue with the added members for 3 minutes. They’re then forced into a breakout ivr where they choose whether or not they want to leave a message. This will just allow them to continue to cycle through the queues, would like to add essentially a counter of how many times they’ve gone through the queues to force them to a voicemail.

Thanks in advance!

IVR breakout option to play de message with VM as its option 1. Then after X amount of minutes (timeout setting on the queue) the caller should be moved to the default destination: in the first queue will be the overflow queue; on the second would be VM.

I’m not familiar with the overflow queue. Is there some documentation for it?



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