Queue custom announcements

I have a recorded announcement, that i would like to include in an queue.
I should get repeated every 10-15sec and announce “All operators are busy, please wait.”

I can’t find this in FreePBX (only time and position announcements are possible).

Is it possible to somehow enable this custom periodic announcement?

Thank you

Asterisk doesn’t have this capability, as far as I know (although I may be wrong - it came as a surprise to me that there are position and wait time announcments now!). Again as far as I know, there are only two ways around it and both are kind of ugly:

  1. Record a custom music track with your announcements already positioned in the track (note it doesn’t have to include any actual music);

  2. Set up some other application that will generate the track you want in real time, then stream it to Asterisk. An article on the ElastixConnection site may prove helpful: Streaming Music On Hold (Revised) - that article is written assuming you’ll be using an off-site stream, but there’s no reason you couldn’t generate the stream locally.

By the way, I’d think twice about that 10-15 second interval. If you’re trying to irritate your callers to the point they will hang up, that’s a great interval. Otherwise I’d say you really only need to repeat the announcement every 45 to 90 seconds. Nobody really likes to be constantly reminded that they are being forced to wait! But that’s just my thought on the subject.

Thanks for info…
10-15 sec was just an example :slight_smile: