Queue configuration freepbx 15

Hi everyone!
I’m new in freepbx.
Could you help me with setting up queue?
I tried many times to set it up but it’s not working and i do not understand why =(

So, i have 1 landline number and 3 internal numbers(123-234-345) for reception girls.
Need to be configured so that they can take turns answering calls.
First operator should be the number 123 and if she is busy or just doesn’t answer the call, the call should go to the second operator, and in the end only to the third operator.

3 queue agents in static and dynamic
agent time out is 5 seconds

Hope i explained my problem correctly.
Thanks in advance

It sounds like you want to set ‘Ring Strategy’ to ‘linear’.

i did it, but also not working.
When people call from the outside to number 559855 it goes only to the first operator all the time and people may sit on the second and third lines but don’t go to the next operator =(

Did you make sure that “Skip Busy Agents” is set to Yes?

You may want to use rr with memory and if you want to assign calls as they come in, AutoFill = YES.

Don’t forget to restart asterisk after making ring strategy changes.


  • Skip Busy Agents is set to Yes
  • AutoFill - Yes
  • Asterisk restarted
    But it workes only if i call from landline number and type 559855. If i call from my mobile phone, i need to type the city code + landline number so it looks like 8-7172-559855 and a call also goes only to the first operator. Should i edit queue number from 559855 to 87172559855 ?

The inbound route should be putting you into the queue.

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